‣  Pricing, tagging.

‣  Advertising.

‣  Conducting the sale and/or auction.

‣  Credit card services.

We are experts at estate liquidation. Which includes sorting, merchandising, appraising values, advertising and liquidating everything you need to get rid of through estate tag sales and auctions. Eate liquidation in Littleton, benefit auctioneer in Littleton, Auction service in Littleton

Clutter, stacks of boxes, piles of clothes and dirt doesn't scare us.  Call us.  We can help!!


‣  Organizing.

We handle everything for you, down to the last detail: 

You’ve made an important and wise decision.



You Cash In

We Do All the Work


It costs you nothing for us to come out and consult with you on what would give you the best results.

There should never be out-of-pocket expenses for your sale.

No Cost Consultation

House full of stuff?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

All Specialties Estate Sales & Auction Services can help!

‣  Written sales summary with final settlement.

‣  Local sales tax compliance.

Estate Liquidation in Littleton

 Clean out.

‣  Sorting.

We turn your old, unwanted and unneeded things into cold, hard cash!


Leave everything to us, your worries are over.  We handle your possessions as if they were our very own, beautifully displaying and selling them, then leaving the empty residence or building "broom clean" per real estate standards. 


Is this You?

You've found yourself in a life-changing transition.  Perhaps a loved one has died, your marriage has ended in divorce, you're quitting your business or your parents are moving to assisted living.  Whatever the circumstances, you've taken on the task of going through everything and now you know you need help. 


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‣  Merchandising.